Designed for the elite small dog, PoshPaws will accessorize your couture dog in everything from pretty collars to soft comfortable beds to purse style carriers. Todays dogs deserve more than a simple bed to sleep on and PoshPaws can help you outfit your pint-size family member to make them comfortable and stylish. 
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PoshPaws is committed to improving the 9th and 9th community and it is with great joy that I announce the completion of a fantastic and extensive building remodel!!!  With a great spacious feel and a new grooming salon, PoshPaws is excited to rejoin the small business world.  I thank you for your patience during the down time and look forward to a sensational full year.  Please email Courtney Green at for any further questions, special orders, or unique items. All unused gift certificates with expired dates will of course be extended with a new expiration date of January 2014.  Once again, thank you for your support, see you soon and check out the great deals on Facebook poshpawsslc.